2020 National Academy of Engineering Regional Conference



    Photo via NC State

    The NAE Regional Meeting will be held on March 9-10, 2020 at NC State University.  This event will bring to NC the leadership from NAE to meet local NAE members in the Southeast region, discuss the objectives of the NAE.  The event will begin with a dinner on March 9 hosted by the organizing committee (Frances Ligler, George Ligler, Dean Louis Martin-Vega, Carol Hall and R. Carbonell) with the NAE leadership and invited speakers.

    On the second day, a business meeting will take place in the morning, followed by a symposium in the general topic of Engineering Therapies for the Future, with leading academic and industry speakers.  This focus is particularly appropriate given the importance of the biopharmaceutical manufacturing industry to the State and its recent growth in the increasingly important gene and cell therapy areas.  It is expected that this event will attract between 150-200 NAE members and general audience from throughout the Southeast.  This is a wonderful opportunity for NC State to highlight the university’s infrastructure and capabilities and help enhance its national and international reputation.