College of Science Industry Partner Access Day Initiative


A college of science at NC State University banner.The College of Sciences hosted its second Access Day on February 6, 2014, with the purpose of providing a structure for connecting potential partners in industry with the cutting-edge research and technology produced within the college. More than 30 faculty and over 45 graduate students presented their research at the event and 80 members of industry and government registered for the event. The College of Sciences also engaged the Kenan Fellows Program providing a table to share information with Access Day corporate participants. The College of Sciences has invited the Institute to continue to support its activities in Fiscal Year 2014-15 in support of a “Research Viewbook” that will catalogue the capabilities, credentials and research facilities of College of Science faculty members. This viewbook would aim to serve the College as it expands its capacity to build industry research partners, supporting the entrepreneurship of their faculty as well as growing their interdisciplinary research activities.