Entrepreneurship Initiative Living and Learning Village



The Entrepreneurs Living and Learning Village, a program of the NC State Entrepreneurship Initiative (EI) led by Dr. Tom Miller, provides an immersive, experiential l earning environment for NC State students with entrepreneurial aspirations from all disciplines and backgrounds.  The Entrepreneurs Village is the first named village at NC State due to a generous gift from Andy and Jane Albright of $100,000 per year for five years. Thirty-seven students have lived in the Albright Entrepreneurs Village (AEV) representing the Colleges of Textiles, Engineering, Humanities and Social Sciences, Sciences, Agriculture and Life Sciences and the Poole College of Management.

Accomplishments of the AEV students include the following:

  • Atelier Ergonomics, a company launched in part by an AEV resident, offers ergonomic solutions to office workers. Atelier Ergonomics is currently a semi-finalist in 2 of the 5 student categories in the 2017 Lulu eGames.
  • BroZone Layer, a concept designed in part by an Albright Entrepreneurs Village resident, won the IBM Built on Cloud Prize at the second annual University Housing Make-A-Thon. This concept is an attachment added to a trash can that notifies users if something that is being thrown out is actually recyclable.
  • Albright Entrepreneurs Village Residents took the lead in creating, planning and hosting the annual Entrepreneurship Initiative Wolf Tank event which resulted in a standing room only crowd for the event hosted in Hunt Library
  • Albright Entrepreneurs Village residents hosted their first ever Shack-a-Thon shack in 2016. Though the Shack-a-Thon event has been hosted at NC State since 1998, the AEV shack was the first ever to sell products produced by student entrepreneurs to raise money during the event.
  • 9 Albright Entrepreneurs Village residents received scholarships to attend the annual EI trip to New York City, the annual EI trip to Silicon Valley and the annual NC State Village Alternative Service Break
  • Albright Entrepreneurs Village residents were highlighted in numerous ways at Entrepalooza 2016 including village tours for community members, an AEV interactive table and live demos.
  • After winning the first ever Shark-Tank (re-named Wolf Tank in year 2) event hosted by the Albright Entrepreneurs Village, Trakex went on to perform well in the 2016 Lulu eGames, then received a YCombinator Fellowship, and finally became EI Fellows where they not only continued to develop Trakex, but also gave back their time and experienced advice to the Entrepreneurship Initiative and the Albright Entrepreneurs Village