FokusLabs SBIR Matching Initiative


With an introduction from KIETS BOT member David Gardner, FokusLabs Inc. has invited the support of the Kenan Institute to provide matching funds for a SBIR proposal to the US Department of Education. Led by Founder Rich Brancaccio, FokusLabs has developed a compelling anti-distraction device called Re-vibe which sends silent vibration reminders to the wrists of kids who may be off-task, to gently remind them to get back to their work, studies, etc. A pilot study demonstrated the following: 83% of students with self-regulation deficits showed improvement; all improvements in on-task behavior were immediate and sustained.

Over 80% of teachers and students who used RE-vibe would recommend it to others. The product is available and being sold online through retailers like Amazon and has received recognition in various publications. FokusLabs submitted an SBIR proposal titled The First Intelligent Wearable Device to Enhance Student Attention Through Personalized Self-Monitoring and Reinforcement requesting $150K from the US Department of Education and was recently notified that it had been awarded the grant. The company is discussing collaborations with NC State, Duke University, and the NC Wireless Research Center as non-profit and educational partners on this project.