GRC on Science and Technology Policy Systems


Faculty cluster hire Jennifer Kuzma. Photo by Marc HallThe 2014 Gordon Research Conference, on Science and Technology Policy held from August 10th-15th and led by NC State Professor Jennifer Kuzma addressed the challenges and opportunities associated with systems approaches to research in S&T Policy. The meeting included topical areas in S&T policy (e.g. energy systems, natural resource systems, education systems, ICT systems, innovation systems, governance systems, intellectual property systems, security systems); ways to study systems (e.g. network analysis, system dynamics, socio-technical approaches, econometric, mental modeling, STS, ethical analysis); and disciplinary perspectives (e.g. natural science, engineering, economics, policy studies, sociology, anthropology, STS, psychology, decision science, environmental science, regulatory science, risk analysis). Morning sessions focused on more fundamental issues in systems research in order to advance the general study of S&T policy systems, and evening sessions explored topical areas to actively engage the participants in dialogue and illustrate controversial and cutting-edge issues in S&T policy.