Molecular Education, Technology and Research Innovation Center (METRIC)



    Photo via NC State Molecular and Structural Biochemistry

    Led by NC State Professor David Muddiman, the Molecular Education, Technology, and Research Innovation Center (METRIC) provides state-of-the-art innovative technologies to address a diverse range of scientific questions while making state-of-the-art, scientific infrastructure and instrumentation such as mass spectrometry, magnetic resonance and X-ray crystallography available to all departments and faculty at NC State. METRIC hosted two symposia in FY 2018-19 – one focused on Mass Spectrometry in collaboration with Thermo Fisher Scientific and a second on NMR and X-Ray Crystallography.  METRIC’s current pilot grants are as follows:

    • Colleen J. Doherty (CALS), Determining the Structure-Function Relationship of MBF1s, Key Regulators of Plant Thermotolerance;
    • Matthew Fisher (COE), Assessing Temporal Changes in the ECM Composition of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament During Growth;
    • Lauren Schnabel (CVM), Isolation, Identification, and Synthesis of Novel Antibiofilm Proteins from Platelet-Rich Plasma Lysate;
    • Michael P. Gamcsik (COE), Metabolic Mapping in Tumor Spheroids.

    Dr. Muddiman is also serving as a mentor for 2019-20 Kenan Fellow Megan Alvord of Broughton High School (Wake County Public School System) on her project titled Using METRIC to Improve STEM Education.