Molecular Education, Technology and Research Innovation Center (METRIC)



    Photo via NC State Molecular and Structural Biochemistry

    Led by NC State Professor David Muddiman, the Molecular Education, Technology, and Research Innovation Center (METRIC) provides state-of-the-art innovative technologies to address a diverse range of scientific questions while making state-of-the-art, scientific infrastructure and instrumentation such as mass spectrometry, magnetic resonance and X-ray crystallography available to all departments and faculty at NC State. METRIC hosted a symposium in FY 2019-20 focused on Mass Spectrometry in collaboration with Thermo Fisher Scientific and Agilent Technology. A second symposium on Protein Production for Macromolecular Structure Determination has been postponed due to COVID-19. METRIC’s current pilot grants awarded are as follows:

    • Jacqueline Cole (COE), Identifying Molecular Biomarkers of Ischemic Stroke within Bone, Proposal Submitted as an R01 to the National Institutes of Health, Pending;
    • Arion Kennedy (CALS), Investigating Metabolism for Fructose in Polarized Macrophages using 13C NMR Spectroscopy Stable Isotope Tracers;
    • Michael Hyman (CALS)), Proteomic and Exometabolomic Analysis of Hydrocarbon Oxidation by Mycobacterium Vaccae;
    • Pietro Ranieri (COE), Investigation of Solvated NO and OH for Plasma Medical and Agricultural Applications;
    • Deyu Xie (CALS), Structural Elucidation of Novel Anthocyanins from Engineered Red Artemisia Annua Cells.

    Dr. Muddiman served as a mentor for 2019-20 Kenan Fellow Megan Alvord of Broughton High School (Wake County Public Schools) on her project titled Using METRIC to Improve STEM Education. Dr. Muddiman also reported that METRIC facilities underwent a $1.3M renovation that was completed in January 2020. In addition, METRIC received $1.6 million to purchase 5 new instruments to support faculty, post-doc and students at NC State University. Also, Dr. Michael Gamcsik, (COE) PI on the 2019 METRIC project Mapping Functional Heterogeneity in Tissue was awarded a follow up $220K grant from the National Institutes of Health.