Multi-Scale Modeling of Fluids and Solids


    Led by PIs Dr. Keith Gubbins and Dr. Erik Santiso of NC State’s Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, this initiative supports the visit of Dr. Erich Müller of Imperial College London to NC State for development of the graduate course “Multi-Scale Modeling of Matter”, CHE 775, and in particular will enable him to work with the two PI’s on a graduate textbook of this title.  This course was offered during the Spring 2017 semester, to both on campus students and as an Engineering Online (EOL) course.

    Although the course has attracted interest nationally and internationally, a major problem is the lack of a textbook on this subject that is suitable for students in chemical engineering, materials science and engineering and chemistry. Cambridge University Press has encouraged Gubbins and Santiso to author a book based on this course, and these authors have already written several chapters. Professor Müller (shown in the picture) teaches a similar course at Imperial College London and assisted with this course and text development. The availability of a textbook on multi-scale modeling for engineers, chemists, and materials scientists, would catalyze the use of these new methods in developing new products and processes. Kenan Institute support for this initiative leverages support from the National Science Foundation as well as NC State’s EOL program.