National Institute for Innovation in Manufacturing Biopharmaceuticals (NIIMBL)



Logo via NIIMBL

KIETS Director Ruben G. Carbonell is one of the lead investigators of NIIMBL, an institute that is part of the Manufacturing USA Network to enhance the nation’s manufacturing-based economy. NIIMBL’s mission is to advance the economic competitiveness of the US biopharmaceutical industry, to create jobs and improve the economy by accelerating the development and implementation of high-impact biomanufacturing innovations that can be applied to current and future biopharmaceutical products, and to educate and train a world-leading workforce for the future of this industry. NIIMBL was formally established on March 1, 2017 by a $70M collaborative agreement over five years from the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST), an institute that is part of the Department of Commerce.

In 2019, $2 million in State funds were allocated to pay Institute membership fees for six NC-based small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs; A1 Biochem Labs, AccuGenomics, Lindy Biosciences, Redbud Labs, SeaTox Research, and SoyMeds) and to provide additional cost share for NIIMBL projects carried out in NC.  A new laboratory was constructed in BTEC to facilitate NIIMBL technology and workforce development projects.  To date, NC universities and companies have been awarded $6.9 million from NIIMBL, $3.6 million from State cost share, and $3.3 million in cost share from industry and other partners.  NC State received two large grants from NIIMBL with special funding allocated to NIST for the COVID-19 response.  One grant went to the Nonwovens Institute to produce N95 and surgical masks as well as to develop novel, more efficient masks for future pandemics.  A second grant went to the College of Management under the direction of Rob Handfield to develop a supply chain analysis for COVID-19 testing.  Total funding for these two grants was approximately $1.5 million.