NC Museum of Natural Sciences Hand Sanitizer Initiative



In March 2020, the NC Museum of Natural Sciences (NCMNS) was closed to the public due to the COVID pandemic. Following up on the initiative of BTEC which had been producing hand sanitizer for use at NC State, the NCMNS has invited KIETS and BTEC support to produce hand sanitizer which will be available to guests visiting the museum in order to help ensure public health and safety.

The NCMNS reopened to the public in late September 2020 and even with reduced visitor capacity anticipates using 80 gallons of hand sanitizer monthly for approximately 500 visitors and staff per day. The museum anticipates using approximately 880 gallons of hand sanitizer through June 2021 and has requested assistance in supporting the production of hand sanitizer during this period. BTEC is providing personnel time and expertise required to prepare the sanitizer and KIETS is providing support to help cover the cost of sanitizer ingredients and supplies. The NCMNS is providing cost share to purchase the ethanol required to produce the hand sanitizer.