NC State Game Changing Research Initiative Program (GRIP)


GRIP is an interdisciplinary research initiative launched in March 2017 by the Office of the NC State Vice Chancellor for Research, Innovation and Economic Development (ORIED), with complementary support provided by Research Triangle International (RTI) and the Kenan Institute for Engineering, Technology & Science. It is intended to seed, incentivize and amplify visionary research that will result in a high return on investment in terms of extramural funding, award-winning research impacts, and first-class interdisciplinary graduate education and training.

Successful initiatives focus on game-changing research ideas that are well aligned with NC State’s strategic research areas but clearly break new ground. Through the initiative, ORIED seeks to encourage researchers from across NC State to collaborate in exploring new ideas and to open up new avenues for research employing the full range of capabilities at NC State and beyond. Projects selected for funding will boast world-class interdisciplinary research teams and faculty with a proven track record and strong potential for success.

The current GRIP program awards are as follows:

  • Water Sustainability through Nanotechnology: Nanoscale Science and Engineering at the Solid-Water Interface; Collaborators: Jacob Jones, David Berube, Douglas Call, Jan Genzer, Detlef Knappe, Yaroslava Yingling, Mohammed Zikry (NCSU); Young Chul Choi, Khara Grieger (RTI); Susan White (WRRI); and many other participants at NC State, RTI, UNC, and Duke
  • Computer Science for All K-12 Students; Collaborators: Glenn Kleiman, Eric Wiebe, James Lester, Tiffany Barnes (NCSU); Kimberly O’Mally (RTI)
  • 3D Printing of Fibrous Tissue Engineered Medical Products: A New Paradigm for Tissue Biofabrication and Therapeutics; Collaborators: Behnam Pourdeyhimi, Frances S. Ligler, Benoit Maze, Matthew B. Fisher, Rohan A. Shirwaiker, Kyle G. Mathews (NCSU); Shawn D. Hintgen, Jeffrey T. Spang, Bruce Cairnes (UNC-Chapel Hill)
  • The NCSU/RTI Program In Genetic Discovery and Prediction (PGDP); Collaborators: Fred Wright, Alison Motsinger, Jung-Ying Tzeng, Zhao-Bang Zeng, Yi-Hui Zhou, Marie Davidian, Spencer Muse, Siddhartha Thakur (NCSU); Carol Hamilton, Wayne Huggins, Rebecca Boyles, James Balhoff, Stephen Hwang, Michelle Krzyzanowski
  • Electroluminesence Upconversion; Collaborators: Felix N. Castellano, Fanky So (NCSU); Lynn Davis (RTI)

The GRIP supported projects are making progress on their related milestones with the potential for commercialization where relevant also under investigation. KIETS Director Ruben Carbonell served on the GRIP review committee. For more detailed information about the GRIP awards, please visit the website.