NC State Outreach and Engagement Incentive Grant Program


    The primary goal of the Office of Outreach and Engagement Incentive Grants Program is to promote interdisciplinary projects that bring together faculty from multiple disciplinary areas, their expertise, their students, and their research to address community-identified challenges in the following three geographic regions of North Carolina: 1) Kinston/Lenoir County, 2) Rutherford/Polk Counties (Isothermal Region), and 3) Raleigh/Wake County. In accordance with its strategic plan, O&E has been working to build partnerships with private industries, educational institutions, and governments in each of these regions over the past three years.

    The incentive grants will be expected to support partnerships that will be competitive for extramural funding, jumpstart innovation, and broaden the base of community-engaged faculty, staff, and students. The Outreach and Engagement (O&E) Incentive Grant Program (formerly O&E Seed Grant Program) will be managed by a committee comprised of members of the University Standing Committee on Extension, Engagement and Economic Development.  The Office of Outreach and Engagement will provide additional leadership, guidance and support to the committee who will review and decide on awardees.  Kenan Institute support would leverage support from the Vice Chancellor for Research and the Office of the Provost.