NC State / UNC Strategic Alliance for Translational and Regenerative Medicine


Vet School researcher Jorge Piedrahita chats with grad student in his lab.                 PHOTO BY ROGER WINSTEADLed by College of Veterinary Medicine Professor Jorge Piedrahita, NC State has an opportunity to coalesce efforts across the university and, by recruiting key faculty and developing a unique facility, create an internationally recognized program in regenerative medicine. The long-term goal of this initiative is the development of an interdisciplinary research and development innovation hub in regenerative medicine that incorporates expertise from multiple colleges across NC State and UNC-Chapel Hill. This innovation hub will focus on translating basic observations in stem cells and regenerative medicine into clinical and commercial applications. The hub will include a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) facility and interdisciplinary innovation hubs were faculty from different units can work together. Key components of this initiative include (1) developing a seminar series in regenerative medicine at NC State, (2) implementing an annual symposium in regenerative medicine, (3) and supporting pilot projects that link strategic units across NC State and UNC-Chapel Hill. Dr. Piedrahita and his colleagues have also initiated a new Translational Regenerative Medicine Seminar Series.