Shelton Leadership Initiative Rural Entrepreneurship Education Program



    Photo via NCSU

    Led by Director Barbara Mulkey and Senior Associate Director Dr. Debbie Acker, the General H. Hugh Shelton Leadership Center (SLC) launched its Rural Entrepreneurial Leadership Program in Rutherford County, North Carolina. The primary purpose of the program is to collaborate with rural counties in North Carolina to stem the brain drain of students who leave their home counties for educational and employment opportunities and never return. By creating a web-based resource platform where students can engage with community businesses and organizations, the SLC is partnering with the Rutherford County Public Schools and the McNair Foundation.

    NC State’s DELTA is providing in-kind support to develop a benchmark survey with the goal to develop entrepreneurial leadership modules that can assist youth (and maybe adults) with implementation of action items. SLC works with schools and local community businesses to help students identify viable career opportunities that exist in their home counties. The program also helps students identify potential ways they can continue supporting the economic development in their counties even if they choose to live and work elsewhere. The program is open to rural counties in North Carolina interested in a partnership with the Shelton Leadership Center.  Kenan Institute support is leveraged with financial support from Andy and Jane Albright.