2021-22 Kenan Fellows Announced

RALEIGH, N.C. – On National Teacher Day, the Kenan Fellows Program for Teacher Leadership at N.C. State University is pleased to announce the 26 North Carolina public school educators who have been awarded 2021–22 fellowships. This cohort of K‒12 teachers from across the state were selected from a highly qualified applicant pool of more than 60 educators following a competitive application process.

The educators represent 11 counties across the state from Western to Eastern North Carolina and teach a wide range of grade levels from elementary to high school. The teachers are subject matter experts in a variety of disciplines including science and Career Technical Education (CTE).

This summer, the 2021–22 Kenan Fellows will spend three weeks interning with local experts in agriculture, scientific research, high-tech manufacturing and other STEM fields. As part of the award, Kenan Fellows receive a $5,000 stipend and participate in 80 hours of professional development that focuses on project-based instruction, digital learning, elevating teacher voice and the teaching profession, strengthening ties between the school and the local community, peer coaching and mentoring, and growing professional learning networks that extend beyond the school and local district.

Meet the Fellows